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“In 2001 when I met Marc Lobliner, I weighed 380 pounds. He and I formed an instant friendship that has lasted now for 15 years.

In 2008, I almost died. I went to the hospital in the morning on April 2nd with a massive infection that had started to shut down my internal systems. The mortality rate for those in my condition that checked into the hospital was 30 percent. Had I waited another 12 hours, the mortality rate would have been 70 percent.

Over the next month as I fought this illness, I came to the realization that things had to change. One of the causal factors was that I was morbidly obese. Another was that my stress levels were through the roof. Both combined to lower my resistance and create a situation where an odd, as yet unidentified bacteria was able to nearly kill me.

After recovery, I began searching for a way to become healthy. I tried doing it myself, I tried fad diets and fad workouts, all with no real success.

On August 10th, 2011, I emailed Marc and asked him for help. I didn’t really believe that anything could change, but Marc told me in a phone call a week later to give his program a try, but not to expect anything to happen overnight. On September 1st, my life really did change.

When I started with Marc, I weighed 341 pounds, was pre-hypertensive, had borderline cholesterol, a resting heart rate in the 80s, my triglycerides were through the roof, and I could barely climb a flight of stairs without nearly passing out.

Over the first three years working with Marc, I lost more than 100 pounds, triglycerides became low normal, cholesterol is low normal, my blood pressure averages 105/59 and my resting heart rate is 50. I have kept all of my weight off since then and now participate in bicycle endurance events as well as running events (all while continuing to lift).

It was NOT easy. I went through periods of physical, mental and even spiritual pain and anguish. Days where I didn’t want to go on, weeks and months where I suffered from panic attacks, injuries and depression were common. But Marc pushed me through and it was ALL worth it.

It is a whole new world for me. In the summer of 2017, the goal is to participate in a multi-day bicycling marathon as well as compete in the Colorado State Time Trial championships. The goal for the summer of 2018 will be to compete in my first triathlon.

Marc’s methods are awesome in their simplicity. His methods retrain your body and your mind, including your nutrition. It is a process, not an outcome. This means you can carry the process throughout your life, even after you reach your goals.

One of the things he told me when I was frustrated one time (other than threatening to fire my a** if I didn’t stop whining), was that if I am in a hurry to take it off, that means I am in a bigger hurry to put it back on again. Steady gains are long term gains. Proper nutrition, proper exercise and proper, conservative supplementation are key.

I am 55 years old. At an age where most men are in the middle of a slow decline, I have gotten fitter, faster and healthier every year for the past five years because of Marc Lobliner’s program.”

david pope

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